4 Tips for Driving the Most Dangerous Road in North America

4 Tips for Driving the Most Dangerous Road in North America

Even if you are an experienced hauler, there is one road in North America that ought to fill you with a healthy sense of fear. The Coquihalla in British Columbia, better known as the “Coke” is a well-known for being a prime load finder opportunity for seasoned vets during the winter, as there are so many products that need to get over the mountain but so few drivers are willing to take the risk. If you want to experience adventure and apprehension all in one night, there are a few things to know before setting out across the highway.

1.     Have the Right Tires

Without the right tires, you will end up sliding off into the ditch. Just because your tires might say all season on them, it doesn’t actually mean you can take the freedom literally. For driving up or down the Coke in the winter, you need top rated mud and snow tires and snow chains.

2.     Having Working Lights

The mountain gets covered in thick fog quite quickly. You will be slowing down to a slow crawl almost instantly since you can’t see more than 10 feet in front of your vehicle. Those lights will be a life-saver.

3.     Fill Up Before You Head Up

The chances that you will get stuck in traffic or be slowed to a standstill for several hours is a real possibility in wintertime along the Coke. You don’t want to run out of gas keeping your heater going while you wait for a pile-up to be removed from the roadway.

4.     Bring Extra Clothes

If you are a sitting duck on the roadway, extra clothes and blankets will come in handy in the snow and freezing temps. Dress in layers, so you are more comfortable as you are driving, but always keep warm clothes and blankets in the cab.

If you want to experience a trucker thrill, then head on over to British Columbia. When done during a snowstorm, a ride over the Coke might just be the ride of your life.

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