Restoring a Boat

Restoring a Boat

You just bought a used boat and are excited to restore it. You want to ensure your new find is ready for the water and will last for years. Here are a few tips you can follow to make it like new.

Clean It Up

Before you head out to buy discount boat parts, you need to know what needs to be repaired. Scrub both the inside and the outside so you can inspect for cracks loosened parts. Doing this will let you know which parts you need to get.

Dry It Out

If there is any water or debris, make sure it is removed and drained. These items can create mold and mildew that will damage your vessel before you get a chance to refinish it. Once it is free of these, cover it to keep any additional substances out.

Take Stock

First, make sure you have all the tools you will need for this repair. Once you have taken that inventory, inspect your boat to see what you may need for repairs. If your boat is older, you might consider replacing items such as the motor or gas tank. Switch out belts and parts that can crack over time if they’re unused. If you feel these processes are beyond your ability, find a reputable boat repair shop to help you.

Seal It Up

Now that it is clean, identify cracks and holes in your boat that need to be addressed. Purchase a waterproof sealant to close these and keep your boat from leaking. You also need to look for decaying wood especially if it is constructed from wood. Once you replace them, coat them with sealant to keep them waterproof. Survey any structure of the boat that holds weight and ensure that they are sturdy enough to hold a person or a vital part of the boat.

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