Car Radiator Failure

If your car’s radiator begins to show signs of needed repair, it is wise to have it serviced by a licensed mechanic as soon as possible. Catching a small problem early on is a cost-effective method of routine car maintenance and repair. Continue reading to learn the most common signs of car radiator failure, and test your vehicle to assess its current condition.

Low Coolant

If you begin to notice that your coolant is always running low, or your “low coolant” light comes on, it may be due to a radiator leak. Although it can be tempting to simply refill and forget about it, it is important to put your schedule aside and have your radiator inspected by a professional mechanic. A radiator leak can be dangerous for many reasons, so it is necessary to repair them if one exists.

Coolant Leak

If you notice coolant on the ground beneath your vehicle, you have a coolant leak. Coolant leaks are caused by a leak in the radiator. Radiator fluid, known as coolant, flows through the engine and the radiator, so if it is dripping onto the ground, it is a sure sign that the radiator has a crack or …

Cleaning Car Interior

Cleaning the interior of a vehicle could be considered an easy task despite the amount of “collections” you have in it. One of the tips that you should keep in mind when cleaning your car’s interior would be to think that after you are done, you would have a car that not only looks new from the outside but also feels and smells new from the inside.

Before starting out, make sure that you park your car in a cool and shady place. This is because direct sunlight actually heats the cleaners you would be using. When the cleaners are heated on your upholstery, the natural oils of the leather would be actually taken out. This would leave your upholstery looking old and brittle, which is something that you would not like to have. Also, make sure that you would have at hand everything you would need. Make sure that you use the right products. Using cleaning products that are not very friendly to your interior could only create a big mess.

Then, start by removing all of the collections you have been keeping inside your interior. Check behind the seats and even under the seats. Of course, make sure …

Safely Drive Through Tire Blowout

A tire blowout is a special kind of flat tire. The side wall has ruptured, leaving a huge tear in your tire that cannot be repaired. While many believe that a blown-out tire is caused in part by over inflation, the true culprit is actually the opposite: tires that are underinflated. It’s not the rubber and steel that makes a tire able to carry the weight of a car and its passengers. It is the air. Without enough air, the components inside the tires flex and heat until it all snaps and a blowout occurs. If the car is carrying a heavy load, then the likelihood of a blowout is compounded. This is why it’s important to regularly check tire pressure. The proper pressure for a car’s tires is listed in the driver’s side door jamb.

Another common way to get a flat tire is by driving on very worn, very old tires. After a while the rubber starts to thin, and a blowout becomes more likely. To see if your tires are too worn, use the penny test. Stick the edge of a penny into your tire’s tread so that Abe Lincoln’s head is hidden by the tread. If …

Things to Do While Waiting for the Tow Truck

Whether your car broke down or you were involved in a small accident, waiting for the tow truck can be a gloomy experience. You’ve already updated your social media accounts as to your misfortune – now what? There are several things you can and should do to keep yourself safe and occupied while waiting for the Bethel Park towing service that’s on its way to rescue you.

Move Over and Make Your Vehicle Visible

If you haven’t done so yet, move your vehicle onto the shoulder or into a parking lot. Even if the battery is dead, you may be able to put the car in neutral while your passengers or passerby push. Don’t accept help from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable and if possible, stay on the phone with someone you trust the whole time if you are alone. Be sure to turn on your hazard lights and set up flares if you have them to make yourself visible to the tow truck.

Grab Your Belongings

While you’re waiting, gather everything that you don’t want to leave in your vehicle. Things like your wallet and keys are the most obvious, but don’t forget to remove your GPS or …

Auto Franchise Opportunities

Two of the largest retail sector companies in the world are franchises – McDonald’s and Subway. A franchise is a type of business in which people who work for the franchise lend their ideas, services, processes, and knowledge to potential operators of their own franchises. Although franchises require operators to pay a certain percentage of sales to satisfy franchises’ demands for letting others use their intellectual property. Here are a few benefits of franchising that other types of businesses simply don’t bring to the table.

Owners Have Access to People Who Are More Driven

Most employees on planet Earth work to make money for themselves and their families. Some people are fortunate to cover financial needs and life fulfillment needs, such as getting true satisfaction in practicing their lines of work. Since employees are more worried about keeping their jobs and maintaining their forms of income, they aren’t inherently interested in the best performance of their employers. However, franchisees must be self-disciplined and driven in order to have the slightest hope of succeeding in operating such businesses.

Many Franchises Don’t Need to Ask For Funding

Once they grow large enough, businesses often ask potential investors for money that they can …

Benefits of Owning A Diesel Engine

Why Diesel Vehicles Are A Smart Option

There are a number of things to consider when buying a new vehicle today. The type of vehicle that you want, what the vehicle will be used for, and how the vehicle performs are just some of the things that will make your list of considerations. In today’s world, there is much focus on the performance and efficiency of the vehicle’s engine. The standard gasoline engine has become much better over the years and there a current fascination and push for electric and hybrid vehicles. In this environment, diesel engines are often forgotten. There are a number of reasons why diesel-powered vehicles are still a good option.

Overall Costs

One of the main reasons that diesel vehicles are a good option are costs. Because of their efficiency, diesel vehicles typically burn less fuel reducing the amount that drivers spend to operate them. Though repairs are higher than their gasoline counterparts, overall diesel maintenance is less because they have fewer issues. Upkeep costs before problems occur are in line with gasoline vehicles.

Good Driving Experience

Diesel powered vehicles are drivers a great driving experience. Though not as fast out of the gate, diesel engines …

Car Dents Happen: It’s Time To Remove Them

Don’t you hate it when you come out of a store and see a dent in your car? When that happens, you have a few choices. You can rant and curse the other driver, vow to only park in places where no one can possibly park next to you, or try to justify wrapping your car in bubble wrap. There is a better option: Get it repaired using the paintless dent removal method.

Not Sure What Paintless Dent Removal Is?

The idea behind removing a dent without painting the vehicle is to have a professional push the dent out of the car from the back side of the panel. This way you can have the dent removed without the need to spend a lot of money to have the panel repaired and repainted. Often this can be done in a few hours, which means you can get back on the road with a beautiful car again in no time. You will be surprised how many paintess dent removal St. Louis companies there are that will do a free appraisal to see if the dent can be removed this way.

Why Should I Remove a Small Dent?

You’re probably looking …

When Does Your Car’s Suspension Need Work?

Driving a vehicle with poor suspension is not fun. A poor suspension can cause a car to drift to the side while you’re driving, it can make you feel every bump in the road no matter how tiny it may be, and it can make steering a lot harder than it should be. Since part of owning a vehicle of any kind is knowing when to bring it in for repairs and routine maintenance, here is how you can tell you need some suspension work for your car.

car's suspension

Drifting to the Side

Although there are several reasons why a car would drift to the side when you drive in a straight line, a poor suspension is definitely one of them. You should do an inspection of your vehicle to rule out uneven tire pressure, worn tire treads and alignment problems before you start Googling “suspension work Lakewood CO,” but it is still a sign that something could be wrong with your car’s suspension.

Difficulty Steering

Much like a car that veers off to the side when driving in a straight line, a car could steer poorly for a few reasons. It could be that your power steering fluid …

Car Shipping and What there is to Know

Car Shipping

Sometimes you’re going to have to ship items that are a lot larger than your luggage. This can include things such as a car, boat or even a grand piano. Car shipping services have been around for a long time. Consumers have always sought out ways to ship cars without incurring extra unexpected expenses. When your auto needs to be transported from one country to another, it’s good to know that you have a car shipping service that you can count on. There’s no secret that shipping your car can be very costly. Once you get a chance to compare shipping a car versus hopping on a plane to pick it up in another location, you made find that shipping your auto could be worth it. Here are some things to consider when it comes to car shipping and getting the best quotes.


In all honesty, shipping a car is not like sending a small package to grandma’s house. That said, when it comes to shipping a vehicle it’s certainly will not happen overnight. The standard amount of delivery time for most U.S. united companies involve a 4-week window. It starts from the time the car is picked up …

Deal With an Overheating Car Engine


When a car has just overheated, attempting to drive it further can risk harming the engine. You should never drive an overheating car because the engine (and other important inner components) can sustain irrevocable damages. It can also be dangerous to you and anyone in or around the vehicle. For instance, head gaskets can blow, engine parts can melt, and smoke can accumulate in large masses.

So the first thing to do when you notice that your car is over-heating, is pull over to a safe part of the road. It is recommended to try to pull into a neighborhood or parking lot if there is one there at the moment; otherwise, simply find a flat surface on the side of the road.


Once you have pulled over and turned the engine off, be sure to turn on your hazards to alert people of your position. This is especially important at night. Keep all car lights on in the evening if you are ever pulled over on the edge of a street. Many people make the mistake of opening their hoods right away and touching the radiator cap; this is a huge mistake! …