3 Things That Will Extend the Life of Your Car

3 Things That Will Extend the Life of Your Car

Your car serves a vital function nearly every day. It is also not cheap to replace when it comes to the end of its usable life. As such, taking good care of your car with apopka auto repair is important. Here are three things that you can do to extend the life of your car.

Regular Oil Changes

Certainly you have heard that regular oil changes are important for the health of your vehicle. A lot of busy car owners postpone and even forget this vital service for their car.

Pull out your owner’s manual and find out how often the manufacturer recommends that you change the oil. Then closely follow that recommended schedule. Regular oil changes can add years to the life of a vehicle.

Regular Maintenance

Regular car maintenance generally happens every two to four years, depending on how many miles you drive each year. Your vehicle’s owners manual will recommend a maintenance schedule. If you are interested in your car having a long life, it is best to have services done when recommended. 

Regular maintenance will include replacing belts and hoses, flushing the cooling system and changing the transmission fluid. 

Keep Tire Pressure at Recommended Ratings

Your car’s tires are an investment of their own. Taking care of them properly will extend their life and save you money. Checking your vehicle’s tire pressure is simple and takes just a few minutes. A basic tire pressure gauge is inexpensive and is great to store in your car.

It is advisable to keep your tires inflated to the car manufacturer’s specifications found in your owner’s manual. The manufacturer recommendation may differ slightly from the maximum pressure listed on the tire’s sidewall.

Modern cars can easily run for decades if cared for properly. A few simple maintenance items will help ensure your car has the longest life possible.

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