Fastest Way to Potty Train a Puppy

By Tricia Goss


You decided your family was ready for a dog and have adopted the world's most adorable puppy. That is, until he piddled in the middle of your living room carpet. You suddenly realize that owning a dog is a big responsibility and so you prepare yourself to clean up some messes, but now all you want to do is potty train your new furry friend---fast.
Puppy love

Pay Attention

One of the easiest ways to potty train a puppy is to simply pay attention and watch for signals. Make sure your puppy is always where you can see him. You may need to use baby gates or close doors to keep your puppy from wandering off and going potty in the house. When you notice the puppy sniffing around or if you see him start to squat, quickly scoop him up and take him outside.

After the puppy eats or drinks, take him outside to go potty within about 10 minutes. A puppy will always need to go to the potty shortly after eating or drinking. Control when the puppy eats, as well. He does not require a full bowl of food available at all times. Check with your vet or breeder regarding how much and how frequently your puppy should eat.

When you take the puppy outside after eating or drinking, do not use this time to play. Simply stand or sit off to the side and wait until he finally goes.

Consistency and Praise

If you are occupied and unable to keep an eye on him for extended periods, consider crate training your puppy. While it may feel like you are imprisoning him, puppies who are crate trained begin to appreciate the safety and security of their crate, as it is much like the dens their ancestors lived in.

Choose a crate that is large enough for the puppy to stand and turn around in; never use the crate as punishment, such as a "time out" corner. It should be a place where the puppy feels safe and comfortable. Take the puppy outside to go potty before putting him in his crate. He can be safely crated for three to four hours; puppies rarely use the crate as a potty and will learn to hold it while he is in the crate. Take him outside to potty as soon as you let him out of the crate.
Puppies feel safe in a crate

Crate Training

Repetition and consistency are two key factors that will help your puppy learn to let you know he needs to go potty. Whenever you take the puppy outside to go potty, always take him through the same door and to the same area of your yard. This will help to train him to go to that door when he needs to go potty.

Consider using potty training pads, as well. These lined pads have a scent that attract puppies to go potty on them. Leave a clean potty training pad near the door that you want the puppy to use to alert you when he needs to go potty.

Every time the puppy goes potty or when you are waiting for him to go, use the word you want to associate with training him to go. For example, you might repeat, "Go potty, good boy! Good potty!" This will train him to understand what you want him to do, which is go potty in the designated spot.

Finally, it is crucial you praise your puppy every time he goes potty in the appropriate area. Even if the puppy started to go inside, carry him out, let him finish and praise him for his good potty training session. Dogs want to please their owners and will be encouraged to repeat the action that caused him to be loved on and praised.
Praise your puppy
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Jul 23, 2009 8315653
Aug 8, 2009 puppy-luver1973
Dec 31, 2009 ttboy12
thats helpful
Mar 9, 2010 emanta
oh thanks! It helps a lot
May 3, 2010 DoggyLover24
Thx! That was very helpful!!
May 21, 2010 bolt'smomma
Any suggestions if the puppy is blind and deaf?
Jun 19, 2010 nanna111
my puppys are all crate trained each night when they get tired they go to their crates to sleep.
Jun 20, 2010 boarderlib
I leave Anyu's crate door open and he will go in there when he feels the need for a nice peaceful nap.
Aug 22, 2010 [email protected]
I have a 10 week old chiahua. 4 days a week, I work 9 hours a day. I am able to come home for an hour a day. Is it cruel to leave him in his crate that long each day ? I AM SO TORN ??? I also use training pads. At first he was using them periodically but now he just tears them up. Any suggestions?
Nov 5, 2010 burgerdogaz
there are new puppy pads that you just throw in the washer ... I got mine at Petco.. about 20 bucks... but also have lining in them.. so wont leak through to the floor... I got 2... So i just switch them out when one needs to be washed.. Also a good rule of thumb that I have heard.. A puppy can stay in a crate 1 hour of every month old he is.. 4 months = can be in crate up to 4 hours at a time... unfortunately some breeds are easier to train than others.. I have two dachshunds.. and they are very stubborn.. compared to a lab I used to have. I taught her so many tricks.. she could even press numbers on the elevator.. it was cRaZy... anyway. hope that helps
Nov 9, 2010 nikkirisner
thats how my dad has always tought me and how he was tought by his dad and his dad ect. I'm trying to get my husband to recognize my puppy's behavior but he's just too oblivious to pay attention! lol :) just goes to show
Mar 6, 2011 lcmosley
Great article. I will be sharing with my followers. unleashthep
Mar 9, 2011 HTProducts
Very nice article. We sell urine and other odor removers but patient training is the key, I totally agree.
Mar 15, 2011 canny
How much time do I have after the warning signals? I live on the first floor.
Apr 19, 2011 mikey122777
i have a puppy that is 16 weeks old although she don't potty to much in the house anymore but she still will from time to time. i take her out every two hours. and i am with her all the time. i do close the doors so she can't go in the rooms. i have hard wood floor and i think she gets confused on where to go. she will not go to the door. so i watch her and when she starts to sniff around i take her out to the same spot. and though the same door. how can i train her to go to the door to go outside before she goes potty?
Apr 29, 2011 1shauna1
I live in an apartment as well, which makes it a bit more of a pain for training. I just always try to watch my puppy for the constant sniffing that signifies she has to go. Then I grab her up & set her by the front door while I put on my shoes. Usually she will then wait for me. It is pretty much only when I am not paying attention that we have accidents. I am trying to use the training pads as well (because especially in the evenings it seems she has to go like every half hour!), we are getting closer. Still some accidents, but she's only just over 3 months old. I also have her in a crate during the day. I come home on lunch or have a dog walker come in. I feel bad that sometimes she is 4-5 hours in the crate, but she does so well. They learn it is a safe place and will usually not go potty there. If they do, don't make a big deal of it, as it was an accident. So armymomo, don't feel bad. You get extra love when you come home!
May 10, 2011 poodeer
Ok, this is good info, but I have been doing crate training for about a month now. I take my 4mo old bulldog out every 30Min-Hour and let him pee about 3 times each trip (bout 5-10min trip). I use "go potty" and much praise. I also give him his special potty treat when he does go outside. BUT.... within 2min of being back inside, he pees on my floor. I rush him back outside. We use the same door, I also started the "bell" system on the door so he can hit it and let me know he needs to go. NOTHING. He is very smart and has learned to sit, come, stay and heel- yet this he is not getting. ? I have never had a dog take more than 5 days to potty train. HELP ME!!! please, someone help me. I beg of you. I love him but can not take another month of this. Between him and my 3yr old- they are slowly killing me
May 26, 2011 Dogercise
Sounds like he could already be marking. Make sure you are boring and not moving around when he pees. And sometimes certain dogs just take longer. I've had dogs that are naturals and get it within a week and a few that have taken a couple of months. Also, the dog is 16 weeks old so he should be able to hold it a couple of hours. Maybe increase your time in between taking him out so he doesn't think you can potty every 30 minutes. He needs to learn to hold it. Start with an hour and a half for a few days then go to 2 hours, etc.
May 26, 2011 luluwashington
May 27, 2011 manders2011
I have a 6 month old boxer that is starting to be trained in the house if I watch her BUT not in her crate. She seems to urinate at least once a day in her crate and sometimes will have a bowel movement. She has no regard to her urine or feces. HELP!!
May 29, 2011 pawprintlova
i have had my chihuahua for about a week and a half now shes almost 7 weeks and doesn't quite grasp the training i take her out about every 1-30 and every time she wakes up from a nap after eating etc. but she doesn't get it she potties in the house just as much as she did when we first got her we're not interested in training pads i think that is a nasty thing and she potties in her crate i need help!!!
Jun 12, 2011 poodeer
I am praying my 5mth bulldog will stop peeing in my house. He holds it all night and doesn't pee in his crate AT ALL- but still pees on my floor. He doesn't go in the same spots, just wherever. I want him to spend time with us and not get sad and detached, but I can not handle this. He is getting neutered at the end of july and am hoping this will help. Thank you DOGERCISE, I hope he isn't marking (he's the only dog- maybe threatened by my 3yr daughter?), and I am trying to lengthen the time between going out to about 1-2hrs. I have bought 4 books and have done and continue to do all the suggestions- this is something i would like to see the "dog whisperer"/ "me or the dog" fix... maybe my boy would break them and make them retire- :)
Jun 12, 2011 pawprintlova
actually did u know when you get your dog neutered its like they forget how they were potty trained one of my dogs was well potty trained and we got him neutered and he pees and poops in the house now he never did it before
Jul 5, 2011 lowcountrydogleah
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Jul 9, 2011 mandiekate
I have a 14 week old half chihuahua half min pin and he will not use the potty outside at all. I will take him out and he just stands there and when we go back inside, its like bombs away. He will seek me out and pee in front of me then just walk away. I am about to move and can't have anymore pet stains. Help!!! Also, if anyone knows a great (and cheap) way to get pet stains off the floor, I would love to hear it and try it. Thanks!!!
Jul 16, 2011 LITTLEKEITH
i have a 3 month old shorkie. she tends to use her pee pads to pee but she poops all around the house.sometimes she will walk in circles on the pad and then she poops on the floor missing the pad. what can i do?
Jul 23, 2011 astrandberg-14
I have a 5 year old chihuahua and shes sapposed to be house broken but she goes potty all over the house! she wont go outside for anyone. she somtimes goes on the puppy pads but not all the time i dont know what to do! any help?
Jul 24, 2011 dens
I have a 16 wk labrador who cannot understand that he needs to go potty outside, he thinks that outside is for playing. I have tried picking him up and taking him outside whenever he tries to wee in the house and say 'outside' to him. I have also tried puppy pads with no luck he just chews them and eats them. I have had dogs before that haven't been any trouble house training them. Is it just a matter of being patient or am i doing something wrong?
Aug 2, 2011 nutjob91
i have a hairless chuweenie that i got two months ago when she was four months old, shes a brilliant dog, in the two months ive had her ive taught her to shake hands, high five, give knuckles, and play dead, but i cant seem to get her to stop leaving me "packages" its gotten so bad shes even gotten my yorkshire terrier and 2 chiuhuahuas to start back up again. i love the dog but im worried ill have to get rid of her... pls help!
Aug 24, 2011 newpuppy
My puppy refuses to go potty outside, I walk him at least 7 times daily and he will go poop but not urinate. I make sure to take him out before he goes into his crate and doesn't urinate. As soon as he comes out of his crate he does. I say no! And make him smell it but he will not go outside.
Sep 19, 2011 kdebo
We have a puggle puppy, 4 mos old, he has been doing ok as far as potty training, has his accidents inside. The problem we are having is for the past week or so he has been relieving himself on our bed, peeing and pooping both. We are so frustrated with this action and at our wits end on why and how to stop this bad behavior. Any suggestions?
Oct 4, 2011 Elbyron
If you want to use puppy pads but your dog chews them, I have found a great solution: Pet stores (and even XS Cargo) sell a "tray" that has a piece of artificial turf on it, scented to make the puppy go there. The pee is supposed to go through the turf, but it just gets stained and really smelly so I removed it. The tray has a grid "lid", with a shallow basin underneath. By putting a puppy pad cut to fit inside the basin and then closing the grid on top, the puppy will smell the pad and pee on it, but will not be able to chew it. Cleaning feces off the grid is annoying so I try to make sure #2 is always done outside.
Oct 13, 2011 ela_beanie_baby
It's all about consistency. Make sure you take your puppy outside as soon as she wakes up, about 10 minutes after eating, after excited play, and about every 30-45 minutes inbetween. Use the same door every time and take your puppy to the same location. Use words like "Go potty, Good girl!" After my puppy goes, we run to the back door together, go inside, and she gets a treat. Sometimes we have to stay outside for a while, until she finally goes. This will put your puppy in a routine and a mindset of knowing if she goes potty OUTSIDE, then she gets a treat. My puppy had a couple accidents inside still, but it is NEVER your puppy's fault! It is YOUR fault for not taking her outside soon enough. NEVER reprimand your puppy for an accident you didn't see. Their memory is so short, they won't know why they are getting in trouble. If you see your puppy squatting to go potty in your house, say, "NO," loudly and take her outside, to her location, and continue with the, "Good girl - Go potty," routine. One tip, is to have a "Puppy Taxi" Service. When you want your puppy to go potty outside, pick up your puppy and carry her outside to her location. This will help avoid your puppy having an accident on the way from crate to outside. As your puppy gets older, and can hold it a little longer, then start walking with your puppy to the exit door and outside to the potty location. When your puppy has this routine down, I created a "puppy bells alert system" for my puppy to notify me when she has to go potty outside. Using ribbon and some bells (purchased from a craft store for super cheap!), I attached the bells to the ribbon and hung them from the doorknob of our exit door. Then, each time before taking my puppy outside to potty, I made her SIT by the door, and RING the bells with her paw (I picked up her paw and helped her learn to paw the bells). After doing that a couple times, I then opened the door, and we went outside to our potty location. Eventually, WITH MUCH TIME, PATIENCE AND CONSISTENCY, my puppy learned to go to the exit door, ring the bells and then go outside to potty. Now, we don't have the bells there anymore, but my dog just goes to that door and whines or barks or waits for me to come open the door for her to go potty. No accidents in the house from my 2-year old puggle now! Consistency, time and patience is what it takes. Have a yummy treat for your puppy, too! Puppies just want to love you and do what you want them to do. You just need to remember how they see things and what they can comprehend. Yay for puppies! :)
Oct 20, 2011 mrsmac
My 4 month old is pretty much potty trained execpt for sometimes at night she poops on the house...we have a dog door open during the day so she just goes in and can i get her to tell me she has to go at night when the door is closed. (i keep it closed becasue my cats bring in "friends")
Nov 10, 2011 hippiefrog
Our puppy is maybe 2 or 3 months old and we are having a hard time getting him to poop outside. We'll be outside with him for 20 minutes and he'll come inside and poop within the first few minutes. What can we do to put a stop to this? We've only had him a week and a half but would like to nip this in the butt soon. Thanks!
Nov 21, 2011 Mya_Mom
I have a 7 month old min pin that is paper trained, and I still can't get her to tell me when she needs to go out. But in the last couple of days she has started pooping in her crate at night. This is even after she has gone out and taken care of business. I thought dogs didn't like to soil where they sleep? Help how do I fix these two problems?
Dec 7, 2011 Pupluv4ever
Dec 14, 2011 bellajae
Hey Everyone, I just got a 2 month old Siberian Husky named Nico.. My favorite breed since childhood. This is my first time owning my own dog, but have been around them my whole life.. Well my issue is potty training. I am home all day with him, I use the pads which were kind of working in the beginning, now he hardly uses them. I bring him outside constantly, and he uses the bathroom, i reward him with treats.... But for instance, I just took him out to use the bathroom, he peed numerous times and then he just wanted to play around, and wouldnt listen... So eventually i took him back inside.. AS SOON as we got inside, he peed on the carpet.. This is a daily, numerous occasion with him. I really dont know if its me or if im doing something wrong??? Any suggestions???? HIs first Vet appt is tomorrow...
Dec 23, 2011 apena85
I have an 11 week old boxer and she is having issues getting the potty thing down. We take her out often and yet she still pees in the house. I take her out and she will go a lot and 10-15 mins later she pees on the carpet. At night she lets us know she has to go out but during the day it is rare if at all that she lets us know. we do not wait longer than 2 hours due to her age, but is is very frustrating. I know if I take her too often she will think she has to go every 30 minutes. I do not know what to do.
Jan 2, 2012 purplemagnolia
This sounds gross but it works; take the dog feces outside and leave it there so the dog understands that is where it is supposed to be. I had a difficult time training a dog to go outside and doing that helped a lot. Make them realize it's there and be sure to have them smell it, act pleased about it being there. You always take the dog to the same spot and roughly the same spot he/she peed on last. Giving a treat for going outside will help a great deal with a dog that is very food motivated. I would never use puppy pads because it only teaches them it's okay to go inside the house. Using puppy pads can make potty training take much longer or confuse the dog. The most important thing to do is praise the dog like you have never praised him/her before after going potty outside, you really have to get them excited about what they just did IMMEDIATELY after the dog finishes.
Jan 14, 2012 puppy2011
my dog pees as he is walking down the steps to go outside. I live in an apartment and I am three floors up...I am at my wits end. any advice???
Jan 23, 2012 mickeymae
ok I have a 9 weeks old rottweiler puppy an we have tried since 4 weeks to potty train him. He went outside when we took him but once we took him back inside within 10 min. He peed in the house. So we tried using a crate an taking him out every 30 min to an hour to go potty so maybe he would learn to hold it in his crate . No luck. He pees all over his crate especially at night an I make sure he stays out to go potty forr 30 min before he comes back in for bed. Please help. It's smell is starting to stay in the floors
Jan 30, 2012 southbeachcoco
I have a 4 month old pomeranian. I am trying to house train her outside and so far every time i take her outside she understands that its time to go to the bathroom. unfortunately she still has accidents. how do i get her to be able to alert me she has to go if she is too small to go down stairs ( therefor the bell system wouldn't work) any suggestions are much appreciated thank you:)
Feb 4, 2012 mona83
AND when you've been doing this for 4 weeks and the puppy still isn't getting any better but getting worse then what do you suggest? I take him out every 30 min cause he pees so often and stay out with him for a long time if needed. I take him out after eating and/or drinking and after playing, first thing in the morning and before bed and throughout the day very often and STILL he goes wherever he wants. most of the time without any signs. no sniffing, no walking in circles, nothing. He'll have a toy in his mouth and be bringing it back and on the way back he pees. going crazy here. I know I must be doing something wrong but what? please help!
Feb 21, 2012 Trinaboop
i jus got my pitbull puppy just yesterday and i dnt think he's gettin the hang of potty training yet. ive been useing the puppy pads and making sure he's outside after food and water but he still wants to go in his crate and in the rooms..i hate to leave him outside when he goes so i try and train him inside but its not working. so today he actually went to bathroom outside but he came back in and had a accident i dont think he gets it but im waiting on the day that he do..does anyone have any trick that may help him catch on quicker or send him the right message to go on the puppy pad? please help
Feb 21, 2012 acwg
I take my puppy outside for walks . Sometimes long walks just so he will go.. he don't potty .. he comes in and goes.. why is this?? It's driving me crazy!! Tryin to potty train him for two months now and not any better..
Feb 24, 2012 hearty
I took take my puppy outside after 1 hour daily n she does her toilet outside but sometime she just do it inside the house only n dis happen especially during nite time.what can i do to get rid or her habit??????????????help me
Mar 18, 2012 robinlaffoon
I have twin 8 month old chiuaua (sp) that use the wiwi pads sometimes. they will pee on it sometimes but not poo on it. they will walk over the wiwi pad to poo on the floor. when they wake up i take them to it one at a time and i say "go potty" and i keep putting them on it until they pee. but i can't get them to poo and i'm getting really frustrated help!!
Mar 21, 2012 2frazzled2cope
Sounds like everyone else posting here has the same problem that I have potty training my dachshund - go out the same door to the same patch of grass then for a nice long walk and nothing happens. Go into the house and bingo! Pee and poop. All this article does is repeat all the things those of us who are frustrated have been doing but NOT giving any answers. Why not?
Mar 24, 2012 kizza84
I have a 9 week old pug and she will not go outside to do her poops she will smell and play with rocks and dirt outside and will not do anything else. i waited outside for 3hours with her and nothing when i bring her back in she will do it in the carpet. I don't know what else to do. PLEASE HELP!! I cant keep spending so much time out with her as i have a 1yo daughter to look after as well...
May 10, 2012 Breezy G.
I have an Adorable 6 month old blue nose named Heavy. he is the joy of my day!! however, i cant get him to go potty outside!! He was doing great until he got parvo. . . He is healthy again (thank God)but now he's forgotten all his manners!! Any tips for this brat of a dog???
Jun 6, 2012 Clewdster
We have tried the puppy pads and all he does is drag it around the kitchen and then chew it up. Do you tape them down or how do you get those to work? Help! Thanks.
Jun 15, 2012 Prophet
When I see my pup about to take a dump on the floor I pick him up right then and there...Then he shits on me....Hmmmm...Not a good idea cause then it makes me wanna beat the hell outta him! lol
Jun 28, 2012 jeepingmolly13
I am trying to potty train my Rat Terrier. People tell me to crate train her. Since she is only 8 weeks old i take her to work with me and i take her out often. while i'm at home i take her out often, and i praise her for doing a good job. My question is that at night i've just been putting her on the porch and i go to sleep and tend to her in the morning, and she will potty out there. Or should i start keeping her in the crate and if so is it safe for her to be in there all night with no food and water or with food and water? Or should i put her crate in my room so when she starts whining i can take her out? I guess i'm just wondering how i should go about this. I know it may confuse her to be at two different places but i don't want to leave her at home alone all day in a crate. I would like to bell train her but now i'm just more concerned with the going potty outside part. Thanks
Jun 29, 2012 whatdidigetinto
I am in the process of training our 13-week-old, mini Goldendoodle using pretty much the method described above. I have never potty trained a puppy before so am relying on the advise of others and books. When we first started training and he had an accident, I would sternly say "no, outside" then take him outside and praise him. Then we would come back inside, I would put him in his crate to get him out of the way, and get out the carpet cleaner. He would then go to sleep to the white noise of the carpet cleaner. He peed so often I didn't even put the carpet cleaner away, but left it in the hall. After a while, he would oblige me by peeing right in front of it. As his accidents got more frequent, I would get more and more worked up about letting him know he did a bad thing when he went on the floor, not just sternly saying "no" but shouting it. When my husband was home, he would use the old school method of rubbing his nose in the pee (something we disagree on). All this carrying on seemed to just make matters worse and he started doing the same thing others describe where he would go on the floor right after coming in from outside. I talked to my daughter about it and she said when she trained their lab she gave treats for going potty outside and kept the dog on a leash in the house (even doing dishes with a leash on her arm - lol) so that she could supervise her at all times. I started doing that. If I can't keep my dog with me, I put him in his crate (he's only peed once in there at night when we first got him), or on a leash tied to my table leg by his bowl, or on a leash outside on a stake (for small periods of time, making sure he has shade and water.) Since dogs do want to please, I've been trying to downplay the negative and focus on the positive. I also read that most dogs need no more punishment than to be ignored when they are naughty since they so badly want your attention. I think all the yelling we did before was just confusing him and making him think, "well, at least I am getting their attention." (I've seen children like that too who thrive on negative attention and can only be influenced by ignoring bad behavior and positively reinforcing good.) Now, if my dog pees in the house, I sternly say "no, outside" and take him out, then change my tone to a really happy one telling him to go potty. If he gets distracted playing (really fun at 4am in my nightgown), I tell him "no, go potty" until he puts his nose down and starts hunting again for that perfect place to do his business. I say, "go potty" over and over till he does. After he goes, I praise him a lot and give him a treat. I also try to just give him more attention in general. I still don't trust him to wander around unsupervised in the house, but the accidents are getting less and less. If he does have one, a half hour out on his leash (making sure he has shade and water) ignoring him seems to humble him greatly. I would love any advice on how to get him to let me know he needs to go out. Right now I just watch for the sniffing. Sometimes he does come up and sit in front of me, then I take him out. I'm trying to teach him to respond to the command "speak" so that I can one day have him bark to let me know. I do take his paw and scratch it on the door when we go out. (Maybe a bad thing, because then I'll have a scratched up door, but I don't know what else to do.) I think right now if I hung a string of bells up he would just want to play with them and chew on them all the time. (My aunt says her dog brings her a toy when he needs to go out.) I also asked my vet for tips and he said that if the dog pees in the house, soak a puppy pad with the pee and put it by the door you want the dog to go out. When the dog goes to the pad to pee next time (being attracted to the pee on it) you take the pad and dog outside to where you want it to pee. He also said that years ago he tried to train a dog by rubbing his nose in the pee and after a while, the dog would pee on the floor and rub his own nose in it, so really that doesn't work. Good luck everybody and wish it for me.
Jul 26, 2012 electrolov3
I went through HELL housebreaking my dachshund. But here are the things I learned from my mistakes. They have to spend all night in a crate, no exceptions. They have to go right outside as soon as they come out in the morning. This is the most important pee/poo of the day because it establishes the pattern for the day. When you bring them in, feed and water them. Then wait 15-20 minutes and take them out again. After that don't let them out of your sight, usually they will wander off to do their business in my experience. My little guy was gun shy so as a pup he wouldn't go if there were people around. Once he managed to hold all day on leash outside while my husband just waited him out until he could not hold it any more. This was especially true for pooping, but I found rewarding with treats to be the most helpful with this problem. I cannot stress enough how much you have to give them a treat every single time they go potty outside. Also every time they go pee, record how long it has been since last time and how long the pee is, that way you get on their body's schedule. This helps with taking them out at the right time, instead of just every 2 hours, say your little guy goes every 3 or every 1 and a half, they are all different. As far as punishing accidents, dachshunds are very sensitive so you can't scold them too harshly or they will do something spiteful in return. Even though rubbing their nose in it after the fact is a big no no I found that after he knew that peeing in the house displeased me (he would still do it) but I could bring him over to near the mess and calmly but sternly say, "who was bad?" and he would immediately put his head down sulk away to his bed. I have to say though I only started doing this after he clearly knew he was expected to relieve himself outside. Also we live in an apartment, so after walking him out the apartment door I would pick him up and carry him through the hallway and in the elevator so he wouldn't go there, just at first because i didn't know if he would be able to hold it the extra 5 minutes, this seemed to help with hallway messes. It was a battle but I finally figured it out, so I thought I'd share with those who are having trouble, I'm about to get another puppy, so I hope all my lessons pay off for the next one. good luck!
Aug 7, 2012 samadams
Great Info! I also found the bell method found here to be helpful! /puppy-potty-training
Aug 9, 2012 puppypainter_lady
I have a Border Terrier cross that is 4mos. old. The training pads idea started it out good but now she just prefers to go on them instead of outside. She'll cry at the door to go out but it's just to play or eat leaves,sticks,flowers or dog poop! I have an adult dog that I thought could show her the ropes but the pup just likes doing her own thing. Tried moving the pads outside, treats & praise when she does go out to do her business but I can't get her to progress. It's just turned into a big play game for her. I've tried putting her on a leash too and taking her but she just stands there and stares at me or lays down in the sand... Losing my sanity here!
Aug 15, 2012 channi
My Puppy is now around 9-10 month old,she is house broken and goes to the toliet outside when were in but she doesnt seem to be able to hold it at night time or if we leave he in the house for more than 4-5 hour. I dont know what to do, she knows its wrong as when you show her it she lays on the floor head down ears back. She doesnt hide it either, does it in the bathroom in the same place. How can i stop this? I dont give her food after 6 and she goes for a long walk around 8pm and empties her bladder again before bed at 10pm ish sometimes later. People have said to take her water off her but surely thats cruelty?
Aug 22, 2012 sweetie green
My baby urinates when he gets excited. What can i do to stop that?
Sep 12, 2012 justcallmekay
I have a puppy. I've been training her for two months using all the methods above, but she won't get it! So I tried kennel training her for the first time. it's about twice her size, i took her potty, then put her in there before work. came back four hours later and my former landlord stole her! he said "it was cruel". and he won't give her back to me unless i stop kennel training her. i don't know what else to do! help!
Oct 31, 2012 msvwillford
I have a 3 month old Black Lab and I have tried everything in this article. Nothing has worked. I tried the crate and when I came home for lunch to put him outside...he was covered in poop and I had to spend my 30 min lunch giving him a bath. For that reason, I don't ever want to put him in a crate again. He obviously doesn't follow the rule that a puppy will not potty where they sleep! I have locked him in my bathroom with a baby gate, which he can now climb and escape from unless I put something tall and heavy in front of it. He shredds the piddle pads immediately even though he has many toys to choose from. He pees in fron of the gate and then tracks it all over the bathroom. I am constantly mopping the floor and picking up shredded newspaper or piddle pads. He will go potty outside if I can remember to let him out every 30 min when I am home, but sometimes I take him out and he won't go and as soon as I bring him back in, he pees on the floor. I have caught him in the middle of a squat and have run him outside and as soon as we get out he will not go potty. He forgets that he had to go and wants to play. I will take him to the same spot every time but all he will do is chew on his leash and bark and jump at me to play. I am going insane. I thought that pure black labs were supposed to be so smart, but I think I may have paid for a defective one. I am at a loss for what to do. He never makes it through the nite either. He pees several times and poops. Not sure why or how he poops so much cause he only gets food in the morning and he gobbles it all up right away, but he manages to hang on to some of it so he can poop it up all night long! Any suggestions are much appreciated. I have been trying to house train him for 2 months now to no avail!
Nov 4, 2012 nicole.collins.545
I have an 11 week old pekepoo puppy and I am trying to potty train him and nothing is working. He pees outside (sometimes) but as soon as I bring him in he poops. I need help!
Jan 11, 2013 sfgal
this is the best article i have found: m/training/commandments.htm
Jun 12, 2013 john.gillispie.507
Have a listen and a chuckle: "Doggie Doo -- a Pulic Service Announcement" -- IzaOyF0
Jun 16, 2013 kelly02
Great article!
Sep 9, 2013 crystle leonard
I have a black lab mixed with chocolate lab puppy that dont understand the concept of using the bathroom out side and i live with three little kids that have to be watched all the time so i cant watch for signaling all the time and i go to school so does anybody have any suggestion? Please
Sep 25, 2013 Janevilla
Housebreaking you puppy or dog needs to be done the right way. If your dog does not entirely understand the whole process then he/she will persist on committing accidents within your home and will not know the reasons why they are not okay.
Oct 22, 2013 alechuchis
I have a 3 month old soft coated wheaten terrier and I'm trying to potty train her she just keeps pooping in her crate. Not just twice but about 4 times a day. How can I fix this?
Oct 30, 2013 ndavid
Has anyone created a time out space for their dog? I think I need to do this. I have a 17 week old springer spaniel. I thought we were doing quite well... we finally got a dry cage at night and one or two accidents during the day mostly due to us not being able to get him out fast enough since we live on the 4th floor of our apt building. He has now started to do this trick where he pees a small bit and then runs straight to the door to be let out. We of course jumped up right away, booked it down the stairs, and gave him some cuddles and treats those few times. Now he is doing this little trick of his 4-5 times in the course of a few hours I'm thinking for the cuddles and treatsor so he can go dig outside and play. I don't want to use his crate as a discipline tool but I'm honestly at my wits end with this trick of his! I was thinking about creating a separate closed off space for him for time-out purposes. Has anyone tried creating a time-out space for their puppy? We do this with my niece and it works like a charm! Can I take toddler tips and use them on my puppy?
Mar 10, 2014 stacey17
We just bought a program and had a house trained dog in 3 days. Hope this helps some of ya'll http://59d55y-onzz2f529dapb0kh2-d.h
Jul 17, 2014 Pom_P
Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. This article explains the key points. You need to be persistent, consistent, patience, and praise your dog when they do well so they know! Also crate training is extremely useful. everythi
Sep 2, 2014 Dudefg12
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May 10, 2017 Gaabriel5
Thank you. Very helpful!
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