Is Your Dog Social Petworking?

Our fabulous pooches can sometimes be real divas, but put them in front of a camera, and their smize could make Tyra Banks jealous.

How many dogs have you liked on Facebook? How often do you tune into cute cat videos?

If it seems every dog and his pack are online these days, you’re not too far off. Chew on this: there are an estimated 23 million pet Facebook profiles and pages!

We knew we weren’t the only ones who post pup pics online, but more than half of you are doing the same! And 44% of you are sharing videos, too. That from an exclusive survey of 413 dog-lovers using SurveyMonkey Audience. The results provided us with fascinating insights to the wild world of social pet-working. Naturally, we spun it all up into a Facebook-friendly infographic, featuring the most famous among the furry and tips for helping them land that big break (for you, their agent).

Do you have a dog that can’t get enough of the spotlight? Rest assured, his name doesn’t need to be Tuna (and his 763,000 Instagram followers) to see her Klout score soar. Maybe she has a special ability. Or perhaps, he makes silly faces. Any of these skills can turn your dog into a big time celebrity.

But don’t say we didn’t warn you. Once they get 89 million views on YouTube (or start saying “I love you,” like Mishka), the fame could go to their head.

Social Petworking

The Best of Your Puppy Love Contest Entries

Every month we run themed photo contests on our Puppy Feed page, and every month you all deliver the most adorable pictures of  your furry friends!  February’s theme was “Puppy Love” — and we asked you to submit photos of your dog cuddled up with his best friend.  Whether that friend was another dog, a cat, or a stuffed animal, it all works for us.

We got so many great ones that we decided to compile some of our favorite ones here.  Check them out below!

Apollo & Blue
Apollo delivers a cute overdose when he wraps a paw around little Blue.

Yep, dogs and cats can get along. Behr & Steve are two peas in a pod.
Yep, dogs and cats can get along. Behr & Steve are two peas in a pod.

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The Best of Your Holiday 2013 Puppy Photos

The holidays might be over, but it’s not too late to enjoy the best of our happy holiday puppy photos!  Last month, we asked you to share the best pictures you had of your dog enjoying the season’s festivities, and we got so many great ones that we decided to compile the best ones and share them here.  Just try not to crack a smile while checking these out — we dare you!

All is merry and bright for Koda!
Lexi and Lyla
Lexi and Lyla flash a grin

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Meet Barry, Our Shelter Dog of the Week!

Happy Halloween!  In addition to today being a fun holiday, it’s also the last day of National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.  Our final adoption story (for now!) comes from Barry, an adorable Spitz.


At four months old, Barry was rescued from a dog hoarder who had been harboring sixty dogs.  He was tiny, weighing in at only four pounds.  He was rescued and put up for adoption by the Society For Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).  His new forever family spotted him one week after his rescue and immediately adopted him.

His tough start to life had some negative effects at first.  Barry was scared of everything from other dogs, to children, to cars.  Luckily, Barry’s new family had a patient Pomeranian named Charlie who helped him adjust to his new life.  Barry eventually bonded with Charlie, and got a whole new sense of confidence around things that normally scared him.  With Charlie by his side, things didn’t seem quite so bad.  Barry has adjusted to his new life,  and is extremely happy in his forever home!

Thanks to Amanda for sharing Barry’s story — and thank you to everyone who submitted their dogs to be featured.  The importance of pet adoption can not be overstated, so keep on spreading the word!

– Amanda @ The

Meet Dozer, Our Shelter Dog of the Week!

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month continues, and this week we’re featuring Dozer, an English Mastiff!

Dozer was rescued from a Humane Society near Des Moines in 2012.  He was seven years old at the time, and his previous owner surrendered him because he was no longer able to take care of him.  Dozer was malnourished, underweight, and suffering from a painful infection.  On top of that, he was infested with fleas and extremely uncomfortable.

Dozer before
Dozer when he first got to his new home.

His forever family fell in love with Dozer and were determined to nurse him back to health.  Once they got Dozer home, they began the long road to recovery.  Dozer was depressed and had difficulty trusting his new family at first, but after time and some serious TLC (and lots of yummy food!), he began warming up to his new home and their other dog.

He loves hugs, belly rubs, peanut butter sandwiches, and giving slobbery kisses!

Dozer now: happy, healthy and full of life!
Dozer now: happy, healthy and full of life!

Thank you to The Sndyer Family for sharing Dozer’s story.  We’re so glad this one has a happy ending!

If you’d like to submit your dog for Shelter Dog of the Week, email your submission to
blog at before the end of October.

-Amanda @ The

Meet Mavis, Our Shelter Dog of the Week!

October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, and we here at The truly believe in the importance of adoption.  When you adopt, in addition to saving a life, you’re also helping reduce pet overpopulation and taking a small, but significant, step in ending puppy mills once and for all.  If you need more convincing, we’ve made a Top 10 List of reasons to adopt here.

To help spread awareness about the importance of pet adoption, we’re featuring a Shelter Dog of the Week every month throughout the month of October!  First up is Mavis, an adorable little rescue from Wright-Way Rescue shelter in Niles, Illinois.

Just look at that face!

Mavis has brought joy to her new family, and loves playing fetch, going for walks, and exploring new places.  She has even earned the nickname “Mave the Brave” because of her courageous spirit!

Mavis was lucky she was adopted from Wright Way Rescue at the time she was, because two weeks after her adoption, a school bus crashed through the storefront of the rescue in what ended up being a sad freak accident.  It blew a massive hole into the side of the shelter’s building, and left the organization without a safe base of operations for the critical work they do finding homes for pets in need.

Credit: ABC

Miraculously, no people or animals were injured, but the pets Wright Way cares for are in desperate need of adoption since the building is not salvageable.  For more information, or to make a much needed donation, please click here.

Thanks to Lauren for submitting her adorable little bundle of puppy joy, and for giving us the opportunity to help spread the word about Wright Way’s difficult situation.  We hope Wright Way gets the assistance they need so they can continue with their mission of rescuing animals.

To submit your adopted dog for Shelter Dog of the Week, email us at
blog at with your story.

-Amanda @ The

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Here at The, we are pro-adoption and we couldn’t be more pleased to let you all know that October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

To celebrate and raise awareness for dog adoption, we are asking for your submissions!  If your sweet fur-baby was adopted from a shelter, send an email with your adoption story along with a picture of your pup to blog at  We will be picking a Shelter Dog of the Week to feature here on our blog all throughout the month of October.   You just might find your dog highlighted here on The!

-Amanda @ The Shareable Cards – Part 2

Yesterday we posted two shareable cards featuring a couple of the cutest pups of The, courtesy of the funny folks at someecards. Today we’ve got a couple more for you!  If you’ve ever felt terrible leaving your furry friend home alone when you left for work, or if you’ve ever laughed at how distracted your pup can be sometimes, you’ll love these.

Click the card to send it to your friends, and check back tomorrow for the last two in the bunch. - I feel guiltier leaving my dog at home than I do leaving my spouse. - My puppy's attention span is almost as tragically short as mine.

Happy sharing!

-Amanda @ The