Car Shipping and What there is to Know

Car Shipping and What there is to Know

Car Shipping

Sometimes you’re going to have to ship items that are a lot larger than your luggage. This can include things such as a car, boat or even a grand piano. Car shipping services have been around for a long time. Consumers have always sought out ways to ship cars without incurring extra unexpected expenses. When your auto needs to be transported from one country to another, it’s good to know that you have a car shipping service that you can count on. There’s no secret that shipping your car can be very costly. Once you get a chance to compare shipping a car versus hopping on a plane to pick it up in another location, you made find that shipping your auto could be worth it. Here are some things to consider when it comes to car shipping and getting the best quotes.


In all honesty, shipping a car is not like sending a small package to grandma’s house. That said, when it comes to shipping a vehicle it’s certainly will not happen overnight. The standard amount of delivery time for most U.S. united companies involve a 4-week window. It starts from the time the car is picked up and arrives to its new destination. Many organizations can take well up to six to eight weeks to get your car shipped. If you are looking for a car shipping quote, try


If you need to save some money, then an uncovered car carrier may be your best option. If this is the route that you decide to take, just be prepared for your auto experience all weather conditions and gets hit with the debris that comes along with it. When you use a carrier that has a cover, then you are getting the best type of protection for that vehicle even though your costs will increase to about 60 percent.

Schedule or Open Slot

When you settle on a shipping company, someone from their staff should contact you about an open slot or when you would like to schedule the transport. Many businesses will inform consumers when an open slot is available and headed to their desired destination. If you want a direct pick up, keep in mind, there may be some extra cost tacked on your bill.


As of today, there are several car shipping services available that can provide you a quote. However, research different companies that you believe fit the type of vehicle you want transported. You will find that some vehicles require more attention than others based on their brand, make, or model. It’s highly important to ask for a quote regarding your car shipping needs. Take the time to read online reviews so you can understand and learn about other customer experiences. Car shipping doesn’t have to be a hassle when you are clear about what you need done. Take the time to call a company and ask the hard questions. Any professional car shipping staff should be able to provide an adequate quote that fits your budget.

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