How to Maintain a Car Wash

How to Maintain a Car Wash

Operating a car wash can be a great option for those looking to make an investment. The industry is fairly stable with people lining up to keep their cars clean with minimal hassle. However, that equipment must continually work in order for you to make money. Keep it running smoothly with these tips.

Manufacturer Guidelines

With any piece of equipment, it is a good idea to look at the manufacturer guidelines for each equipment. Car wash maintenance should follow these guidelines and be flexible enough to meet the demands of your operation. Be sure to follow any critical dates for maintenance and put some good practices in place to prolong the life or your equipment. Maintaining your equipment regularly keeps it running efficiently and can avoid expensive repairs and downtime.

Maintenance Service

There are some maintenance needs you or your staff are ill-equipped to deal with. This is where a maintenance service can be a good idea. The service may only handle the monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance projects. Having a maintenance provider you already trust can come in handy should any equipment break down or need repair. Many of these service providers also provide repairs. Using a company already familiar with your particular equipment and setup can save time in repairing. The sooner the repair is done, the sooner your car wash is operational.

Ongoing Maintenance

Remember that maintaining your equipment is an ongoing process. Don’t wait until the critical maintenance points hit before doing anything with your equipment. Waiting can lead to expensive repairs such as replacement parts, unnecessary downtime and full machine replacement. With all the moving parts of many of these machines, having one down means the whole car wash stops functioning. Create a checklist and have your staff regularly check the equipment. Simple things like keeping the machines clean can extend their life.

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