The Car Came Out of Nowhere

The Car Came Out of Nowhere

You were stopped at a red light, and when it turned green, you followed the car in front of you to make a left-hand turn. It was sudden, frustrating, and scary when the car came out of nowhere and hit your vehicle, crashing into the right side, and you thanked the stars above that no one was in the passenger seat as it came crashing toward you. Once your car stopped spinning around, you notice that people were running into the roadway to help you. With the help of helpful strangers, you were able to get out of your car, but you noticed it was wedged against the light pole on the island. Someone kept yelling into a phone about needing help, and that was when you found yourself sitting on the ground – hard.

Here are four things you need to do after an accident.

1. Check for Injuries

You may feel ok, but if your body says to stay down, or if you hit your head, call for an emergency team to come and check you over. Only a qualified EMT can tell if you are in shock, badly damaged, or near hysteria.

2. Wait for the Police

In a bad accident, wait for the police to verify what happened. Even if the other vehicle drove off, there may be bystanders to help identify the car that hit you. Also, your insurance company will need an accident report.

3. Call a Car Shop

If you know someone that works in a car repair shop Lake Stevens WA, contact them and request a tow to the auto body shop. If not, the office may be able to recommend someone to help you remove your car.

4. Contact Insurance

Contact your insurance company when you get the accident report number. Then call an attorney to help you battle your claim.

An accident is never fun. When you get blindsided by another car, it can be seriously damaging.

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