Things to Do While Waiting for the Tow Truck

Things to Do While Waiting for the Tow Truck

Whether your car broke down or you were involved in a small accident, waiting for the tow truck can be a gloomy experience. You’ve already updated your social media accounts as to your misfortune – now what? There are several things you can and should do to keep yourself safe and occupied while waiting for the Bethel Park towing service that’s on its way to rescue you.

Move Over and Make Your Vehicle Visible

If you haven’t done so yet, move your vehicle onto the shoulder or into a parking lot. Even if the battery is dead, you may be able to put the car in neutral while your passengers or passerby push. Don’t accept help from anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable and if possible, stay on the phone with someone you trust the whole time if you are alone. Be sure to turn on your hazard lights and set up flares if you have them to make yourself visible to the tow truck.

Grab Your Belongings

While you’re waiting, gather everything that you don’t want to leave in your vehicle. Things like your wallet and keys are the most obvious, but don’t forget to remove your GPS or charger if you’ll want access to them. The more prepared you are, the faster the driver can get your vehicle out of there.

Get Information from The Company

Once you have called the tow company, gather as much information as you can. What is the driver’s name? What is the truck’s license plate number? Be vigilant and check this information when the driver arrives to verify that it matches what you have been told.

The most important thing to do while waiting for the tow truck is to stay safe. Remain in your vehicle if it is in a secure spot and let someone you trust know exactly where you are. Although it can be frustrating and scary, help is on the way.

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