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Welcome to the's videos page. Check out videos on how to care for your puppies, teach them how to sit, stop biting, and how to socialize a young puppy. There are also videos on keeping puppies safe, engaged and out of trouble.

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Dog Training With Victoria Stillwell


Loose-Leash Walking Outside

Candace is learning to walk on a loose leash outside. With all the fun distractions, Victoria has her work cut out for her, but it proves to be no problem as Candace picks up on her body language right away.


Come When Called 1: Puppy Basics

Dylan learns the first stages of coming when called, a basic but mandatory cue for any dog. Victoria explains why it's important to make it a game and not be boring. She also covers common mistakes that people make when teaching dogs recall.

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Farm Animals With P. Allen Smith


Raising Mute Swans

Join Allen as he discusses the benefits that come along with raising mute swans, including what you'll need to do to make sure they grow up healthy.


Rabbit Fencing

Join Allen as he discusses the lengths you can go to in order to keep rabbits away from your flowers and crops, including putting up rabbit fencing around your beds.

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Victoria Stillwell at The Westminster Dog Show


Victoria Stilwell Interviews Dog Owners at Westminster

Victoria talks to dogs and their owners at the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club dog show, featuring an old English sheep dog and a whippet, a bearded collie, a puli, a Rhodesian ridge back, an otterhound and more. She also chats with Martha Stewart and meets


The Best of Victoria Stilwell at the Westminster Dog Show

The best clips from our time at Westminster.

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Heavy Petting


Mike Weaver: The Man Behind the Dog

In this electronic press kit for the hit show Heavy Petting, host Mike Weaver talks candidly about the show's success, how he gets along with his co-workers, and his personal life.

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The Show


Maddi the Playful Bichon Frise

Meet Maddi, a 5-month-old bichon poodle pup who loves to meet new people, run and go for walks. Her favorite treat is ice cubes. She loves to play fetch and wrestle with her stuffed bunny.


Little Polly Playing in the Park

Say hello to Polly, a 13-week-old miniature chihuahua/toy Yorkie mix. She likes to explore the park, chase her tail and play with balls, even if they are too big for her to carry in her mouth. Polly is learning to follow her owner and to listen for comman

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Teacher's Pet with Victoria Stillwell


Teach a Puppy to Sit

Victoria teaches Dylan to sit, a cue that's the foundation of building a common language between a person and a dog.


Loose-Leash Walking Inside

Can't stop your dog from pulling? Victoria and Candace demonstrate the basics of walking a dog with a loose leash, and Victoria explains why it's best to start leash training inside.

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