When Does Your Car’s Suspension Need Work?

When Does Your Car’s Suspension Need Work?

Driving a vehicle with poor suspension is not fun. A poor suspension can cause a car to drift to the side while you’re driving, it can make you feel every bump in the road no matter how tiny it may be, and it can make steering a lot harder than it should be. Since part of owning a vehicle of any kind is knowing when to bring it in for repairs and routine maintenance, here is how you can tell you need some suspension work for your car.

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Drifting to the Side

Although there are several reasons why a car would drift to the side when you drive in a straight line, a poor suspension is definitely one of them. You should do an inspection of your vehicle to rule out uneven tire pressure, worn tire treads and alignment problems before you start Googling “suspension work Lakewood CO,” but it is still a sign that something could be wrong with your car’s suspension.

Difficulty Steering

Much like a car that veers off to the side when driving in a straight line, a car could steer poorly for a few reasons. It could be that your power steering fluid level is low, or that your control arm bushings are worn down, so bring your car into a shop to have it inspected before you decide to spring for suspension work.

Feeling Every Bump in the Road

Riding in a bumpy vehicle can range from annoying to painful, which is why cars have suspensions in the first place. If there is something wrong with your suspension, you will feel everything you drive over, even on a relatively smooth road. These are just a few of the signs that you might need suspension work for your vehicle. As we’ve said many times before, some of these can be chalked up to other problems, but you shouldn’t take that chance. If your car isn’t driving well, bring it into a repair shop. Even if it turns out that your suspension is in good shape, there could still be something else that needs work.

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